Tom Hanks: 'I Don't Think I Would' Go To A White House Screening Of 'The Post'

Lee Moran
Tom Hanks is willing to practice what he preaches when it comes to his opposition of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Tom Hanks is willing to practice what he preaches when it comes to his opposition of President Donald Trump’s administration.

In an interview that The Hollywood Reporter published online Wednesday, the actor revealed he’d likely turn down the chance to visit the White House for a screening of his latest movie “The Post” if Trump invited him.

“I don’t think I would” go, said Hanks. The Steven Spielberg-directed drama deals with The Washington Post’s fight to expose government secrets about the Vietnam War, known as the Pentagon Papers.

“Look, I didn’t think things were going to be this way last November,” Hanks explained. “I would not have been able to imagine that we would be living in a country where neo-Nazis are doing torchlight parades in Charlottesville and jokes about Pocahontas are being made in front of the Navajo code talkers.”

Hanks said that “individually,” people who were against Trump and his policies had to decide “when we take to the ramparts.” For him, that time was now.

“This is the moment where, in some ways, our personal choices are going to have to reflect our opinions,” Hanks added. “We have to start voting, actually, before the election. So, I would probably vote not to go” to a potential screening.

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