Tom Hanks helps out fan with a bet using a selfie

Ben Arnold
Hanks… posed for a selfie, with a selfie – Credit: Imgur

Tom Hanks looks set to retain the title of ‘friendliest Hollywood star on the planet’ for 2016, after yet another delightful encounter with a fan.

Zena Gopal from Toronto penned a short note to him, explaining that, as part of a bet, she was seeking a selfie from a celebrity, taken with a picture of herself.

The quickest reply would be the winner.

And lo, three weeks later, Ms Gopal was ‘totally floored’ when in the post arrived a shot of Hanks posing with her picture.

It also came with a wonderful, hand-typed letter from ‘Hanx’ himself, apologising for the ‘whiskers’ (they’re for a movie), complimenting Toronto, and generally being a magnificent chap.

(Credit: Imgur)

“It made me laugh, it really made my day,” she told CBC News.

“It was just really cool to see that he reads his fan mail. And I’ve got to agree with him about the condos.”

Last time Tom Hanks ended up going viral, it was after he pitched up to photobomb a couple getting married in Central Park, New York (check it out below).

All that remains is for Mr Hanks to run for office in 2020.

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