How Tom Hanks' son Truman was cast in A Man Called Otto

When it came to casting the younger version of Tom Hanks’ character in the new dark comedy A Man Called Otto, it was a no brainer for director Marc Forster who went with Hanks’ youngest son, Truman.

A Man Called Otto is in UK cinemas from 6 January.

Video transcript

LINDA MARRIC: I wanted to ask you about Truman actually, because I think that was a stroke of genius to have him-- you mentioned "Big" before. And I genuinely think in so many of the-- sort of the shots, especially like from behind on profile, he very much looks like Tom when he played "Big." So talk me through that, the choice of having Truman to play his dad, the younger character of-- his dad is playing.

MARC FORSTER: I really felt like who can recast for a younger Otto. And then-- and Truman truly looks like, you know, when Tom was in the 80s doing "Splash" and "Big" and all these movies. So-- but he's not an actor. Truman is-- wants to be a DOP. So we met and he said, "Look, I'm not sure about this." And-- but I was able to convince him and make him feel welcome and warm. And, you know, Sonya-- Rachel, who is the character of Sonya was played by Rachel Keller, really-- in their scenes together is very-- you know, the two of them have this natural connection. And I did a screen test with both of them, and I said, "This is going to work."

And I felt very confident that we could do something really special here.

LINDA MARRIC: Do you think you've tempted him to sort of dip his toe again into the acting realm, or do you think this was just a one-off for him?

MARC FORSTER: I don't know. It might be just a one-off for Truman, but maybe he wants to continue a little bit with acting, obviously, as two brothers who act, and, you know, his dad, and the family, mother. But I feel it might just be a one off, who knows.