Tom Hanks welcomes Biden era in Celebrating America special

Keiran Southern, PA Los Angeles Correspondent
·1-min read

Tom Hanks said “the dream of America has no limit” as he welcomed a new era under Joe Biden’s presidency.

The Hollywood actor hosted Celebrating America, a primetime special to mark inauguration day.

Hanks was speaking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and nodded to the civil unrest earlier this month as he welcomed viewers to  “our secured capital city”.

The Oscar-winner said: “In the last few weeks, in the last few years, we have witnessed deep divisions and a troubling rancour in our land but tonight we ponder the United States of America.

“The practice of our democracy, the foundations of our republic, the integrity of our constitution, the hope and dreams we all share for a more perfect union.”

He said the presidential inauguration “marks the commitment” of a new four-year term, but added it is much more important than just welcoming a new leader.

Hanks said: “This day is about witnessing the permanence of the American ideal”.

Addressing the traditional inauguration speech from the president, Hanks said: “If the words ring out it is not only due to the power of the oratory, it is because the dream of America has no limit.”

The special opened with Bruce Springsteen performing his 1999 song Land Of Hope And Dreams.

“Good evening America,” the revered rockstar said as he stood yards from a statue of Abraham Lincoln while holding his guitar.

Jon Bon Jovi also appeared and performed a rendition of Here Comes The Sun.