The Tomorrow War 2: Release date, cast and everything you need to know about the Chris Pratt action movie sequel

Photo credit: Amazon Studios
Photo credit: Amazon Studios

The Tomorrow War was out on Amazon for only one week before it was confirmed that the time-travel war movie starring Marvel's Chris Pratt was going to get a sequel. The movie itself follows a war veteran named Dan, who now teaches high-school chemistry, frustrated with the direction of his life.

Then, during a World Cup match, a group of soldiers from the year 2051 arrive on the pitch deliver a message: the future is fighting a war with aliens called Whitespikes, and losing. They hope that by recruiting soldiers from the 'present' and bringing them to the future, they can somehow win.

To fight the aliens, Dan teams up with his estranged father Slade, also a war veteran, to fight them with science! Do they win? You'll have to watch the movie to find out... For now, though, The Tomorrow War spoilers follow.

The Tomorrow War 2 plot: How does The Tomorrow War set up a sequel?

So far, we can only speculate about what the sequel might cover. The first film had a pretty neatly wrapped ending, which we've explained in detail.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime
Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Here's a brief reminder: in the future, Dan and his grown-up daughter Muri (Yvonne Strahovski) figure out a virus that can kill the leading female alien. Dan goes back to the 'present' and together with his former squad-mates, they discover the aliens didn't come from outer space but rather had always been below the Earth's surface.

After a battle, Dan manages to kill the leader, while the minions are all blown up, and everyone lives happily ever after. Dan and his father reconcile, and the film ends with Slade meeting his granddaughter (who will grow up to be Strahovski's character).

How exactly a sequel would continue the story remains to be seen.

Time-travel technology still exists but during the course of the film the mechanism by which time-travel happens — called a Jumplink — is destroyed. The sequel could see the Jumplink repaired, and more timey-wimeyness ensue.

The Tomorrow War 2 cast: Is Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War 2?

Rumour has it that the whole creative team is returning. That's director Chris McKay, screenwriter Zach Dean, along with stars Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin (who plays Dan's wife), Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge (who play Dan's squadmates Charlie and Dorian), and Simmons.

Photo credit: Amazon Studios
Photo credit: Amazon Studios

What they'll all be doing remains to be seen. We imagine that if Strahovski is to return as Dr Muri all grown up, that time travel would have to be functioning in the sequel's plot given that in 2053 as it stands, she's dead.

The Tomorrow War 2 release date: When will The Tomorrow War 2 be out?

Given the confirmation was only recently announced, we'll likely have a while to wait. Likewise, there's no word whether the movie will be an Amazon Prime Video only outing, or if it will also debut in cinemas.

If Pratt has his way, it'll likely be out in cinemas. He told Digital Spy that nothing beats a cinema experience.

For messages from the future (jk) on The Tomorrow War 2, bookmark this page!

The Tomorrow War is now available on Amazon Prime Video

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