Top 5 movies that take place on Halloween

Mike P Williams
Yahoo! Contributor Network

The fright season is upon us again with the promise of a host of Halloween themed and horror cinema releases, so rather than offering a 'scariest movies' list, here's our top five that take place on the eerie night of October the 31st itself...


Perhaps the most obvious and classic choice to kick things off, the 1978 classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis is the fateful night a six-year old Michael Myers murders his elder sister, Judith. With the date being (obviously) significant to both plot and antagonist, fifteen years later the institutionalised Myers breaks out on the eve of Halloween to shed more blood and evoke countless screams from both casts members and audiences alike.

Donnie Darko

By no means a Halloween or horror film, the Richard Kelly cult classic does have some of it's most important scenes on the night of Halloween. Specifically at a Darko-hosted fancy dress party where Donnie eventually gets it on with girlfriend Gretchen, and, more significantly, Frank goes on that doomed beer run that becomes the catalyst for the time travelling, mind-bending film.

Hocus Pocus

Another obvious, yet essential, entry is 1993's 'Hocus Pocus', where the entire premise and plot begin on the night of October 31st. The problems begin when three sister witches (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy) -- largely considered as myth -- are mistakenly resurrected, leaving it up to our young protagonists to rid the world of their mischievous, menacing presence.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

One of the most beloved classics of all time takes place on this ghoulish night in the 80s Spielberg classic. In one of its most funny scenes, E.T. is dressed up to go trick or treating in little more than a sheet, as a means of fooling their mother into thinking that it's younger sister Gertie. One alien and girl switch places, it's then that Elliot recovers his bike to ride out into the woods in order to allow E.T. to construct a communications device to get in touch with home. The inevitable results of this culminate in cinema gold, as Elliot succeeds in aiding him to return home.

Mean Girls

Another one you might not expect, but the Lindsay Lohan starring high school comedy includes a rather pinnacle scene that takes place at Regina's fancy dress party that anyone who is anyone simply must attend. Suffice to say some interesting things go down here, climaxing with Cady inadvertently being sick all over Aaron, who just so happens to be the person she's got the biggest crush on. Awkward.