Top fashion trends for 2020

Keepers of Cool

Time to incorporate these trends that dominated the runways into your wardrobe.

A few 1960s trends are having their time in the sun, and crochet, along with retro forals, is one of them. Crochet separates or even dresses are a great option for those in-between days, when summer hasn’t started in earnest. If you aren’t interested in going big with this trend, you can just add a hint of this handmade textured fabric to your dresses, tops, and even denims for an ultra-feminine look. Crochet is catching on at a time when the fashion industry is looking for more sustainable options, and a painstakingly made handicraft that can be passed on like an heirloom fits the bill.
Photographs: jonathansimkhai / Instagram, maryam_nassir_zadeh / Instagram

Highlighter-inspired neons
The neon trend has been very popular and shows no sign of going away anytime soon. This time we’re talking about fluorescent yellow, green, orange, pink, blue…you get the gist. Pick up an outfit in any one of these shockingly saturated colours and you’re sure to stand out, as subtlety really is impossible with these shades. This trend embodies the whole ‘go big or go home’ aspect of fashion. Really want to make an entrance? Put on a striking neon dress, as apart from streetwear, we’re seeing these shades in couture-like dresses as well. Structured neon separates also make quite an impact. If you’re looking for colours to pair with, neon shades go well with white, black and tan.
Photograph: carolinaherrera / Instagram

No longer just relegated to fall and winter, leather is all set to take over spring too. And we’re not talking about the usual tans and blacks. Be prepared for a range of colourful, punchy leather taking over dresses, shorts, pants, and shirts. The material—including vegan and faux versions—is another 1990s staple making a strong comeback. This time around, designers are experimenting with neon hues to create high fashion looks using this buttery soft material. Opt for bright separates, jackets, and trench coats. These can be styled a number of ways to suit the occasion. Of course, there’s nothing like a classic all-black ensemble to knock everyone’s socks off.
Photographs: givenchyofficial / Instagram, sally_lapointe / Instagram

Statement sleeves
Another carry forward trend, puff or Victorian-inspired sleeves are still very much on trend and, in fact, are just getting bigger. Think extra ruffles, more volume, bolder colours, and whimsical sheers. With this trend, the bigger, the better. The exaggerated shape of the sleeves creates an illusion that the wearer has a slimmer waist; now that’s a trend we can get behind. The oversized sleeves also add a distinctly feminine look to your ensemble. You can opt for soft colours for an even more feminine look, or pick dark shades like maroon, grey, or black in structured designs for a more goth look.
Photographs: celinedion / Instagram, laurabiagiottiofficial / Instagram

Remember the old adage, fashion is cyclical? Well, peplum is one style that reoccurs every few years. This time around, the flared ruffles and gathered fabric at the waist are a little more relaxed, more subtle. This makes the top easy to pair with staples. A lot of women like peplum tops as they find the cut flattering, helping accentuate the waist as well as create a more defined one. Don’t restrict yourself to peplum tops, try peplum jackets and dress silhouettes in bright, bold colours.
Photographs: tibi / Instagram, palmerharding / Instagram

Blazers and bralettes
This combination ruled the spring/summer 2020 runaways and takes off on the deconstructed suits trend that’s been popular through all of 2019. Suiting takes on a mix of work and play with this trend. We’re talking jackets paired with bralettes or crop tops and high waisted pants/skirts (if you want more coverage). This midriff-baring look is an easy one to put together and takes the structured closet staple up a notch. If the jacket is staid, pair it with an animal print bralette for a dash of fierceness.
Photographs: prabalgurung / Instagram, marcjacobs / Instagram

Short suits
Another variation of the suit jacket trend involves ditching the standard trousers for a pair of shorts or bermudas. The latest iteration offers a sophisticated option for those sweltering summer days as well as chance to show off your shoe collection. While some designers went with short shorts, we suggest a longer length for nine-to-five, as seen at Givenchy, Max Mara and Tom Ford.
Photographs: maxmara / Instagram, ysl / Instagram