'Top Gun 2': Tom Cruise Says Sequel Will Take Flight 'Probably in the Next Year'

Tom Cruise squares off against the evil undead in The Mummy, which next month will see him back in running-from-danger action as a man forced to grapple with the realization that the world of Universal’s fledgling “Dark Universe” franchise is full of monsters. In a new interview promoting the film, Cruise dropped an aircraft carrier-sized bombshell: Top Gun 2 is a go, and in fact, is scheduled to begin production as early as 2018.

In the above clip from Australian morning show “Sunrise” (as reported in The New York Times), Cruise stuns his hosts by admitting, “It’s true…I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year. I know. It’s happening. It’s definitely happening.” This confirms the many rumors that a sequel was in the works, from screenwriter Justin Marks back in 2015 saying that he was working on a script, to producer Jerry Bruckheimer — who spearheaded the 1986 original — tweeting in January 2016 about a recent meeting he’d had with Cruise about the movie:

Whether Cruise will get his wish to shoot the film without the use of CGI — so that he can once again get behind the cockpit of a fighter plane — remains to be seen. And with no director, cast, plot, or official production announcement, we’re just getting started on the Top Gun 2 news. For now, check out the above video announcement from the star; Cruise next arrives in theaters on June 9 in The Mummy.

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