Top Gun fan recreates entire film on Twitter

Thumbs up... Tom Cruise in Top Gun

In the latest demonstration of extreme film fandom on Twitter, a Top Gun fan has recreated the entire 80s blockbuster on the social networking site.

[Reservoir Dogs recreated word for word on Twitter]

The anonymous account belonging to @555uhz shows off a love for Tom Cruise's testosterone-fuelled action movie by posting the entire movie shot-for-shot using screen grabs.

Takes your breath away, doesn't it? (Sorry.)

Followers are treated to a new image every half hour, complete with subtitles as the account painstakingly makes its way through each scene.

The stunt comes following the impressive feat of Quentin Tarantino aficionado Jorge Zacher, who retold the director's classic heist thriller Reservoir Dogs in 1125 tweets via the account @ReservoirDogs_.

If this trend continues, we may consider putting in a request or two.

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