Topher Grace Defends Sam Raimi Over Spider-Man 3

Actor Topher Grace has come to the defence of director Sam Raimi over the disappointing ‘Spider-Man 3’, in which the actor played villain Eddie Brock, aka Venom.

In his comments Grace defends Raimi’s work ethic, and not, notably, the quality of the film itself.


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“I know the movie did well for Sony, but I also know a lot of people weren’t happy with it,” Grace said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think Sam is so talented. This summer, there was a movie like that where people are just slamming a big studio movie. I would love to see anyone who’s slamming one of those movies try to fit in Sam Raimi’s position.”

Grace then likens the job to running a country, given the scale of production.

“He was like the president of a small country — by the way, it had the gross national income of a small country, too. I have huge respect for him. I think, on a whole, he did such a fantastic job [on that trilogy].”

'Spider-Man 3’ still did good business for Sony off the back of two more highly regarded sequels, but the critical backlash from fans and critics eventually convinced Sony to reboot the series, despite a fourth Raimi film being in a pipeline initially.


The result was two 'Amazing Spider-Man’ films which were at least as bad as 'Spider-Man 3’, the second one was even worse. That series has now ended, with a new reboot bringing the character back to basics and introducing him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Holland will portray a teenage Peter Parker in next year’s 'Captain America: Civil War’ before a solo film in the summer of 2017. If it’s good, it’ll be the first good Spidey film for 13 years. Here’s hoping.

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Picture Credits: Sony Pictures