'The Tower' sneak peek: 'I don't work for you'

Watch an exclusive clip from Season 2 of the hit British procedural.

Video transcript

- You want me to walk? See if anyone who knew Tanya drove a green Jaguar XJ6 Series 3.

- I don't work for you.

- You do now. Ask [INAUDIBLE]. Jaguar XJ6 Series 3, green.

- Fucking waste of time.

- I've read every file. For months, detectives focused on Robert McCarthy. No one, not the police, not her mom asked why a teenage girl acted like she did. Elaine, think about it. If I'm Tanya, why would I leave my home wearing one set of clothes and stop in a shed, and in front of a man I've sworn to silence, change into something sexier? Where did she go afterwards? To watch TV with a friend? You'd get dressed up for that?

- Maybe. Girls can be fucking bitches.

- Yeah, maybe. Or, maybe she was going to see someone else, someone who drove a green Jag.