Tracy Morgan Says He Gained 40 Pounds After Learning How to ‘Out-Eat’ Ozempic

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Tracy Morgan Says He Gained 40 Pounds on OzempicMike Coppola - Getty Images
  • Tracy Morgan says that he gained 40 pounds on Ozempic after learning how to “out-eat” the drug.

  • Morgan did not specify whether he is still taking the type 2 diabetes medication.

  • Experts explain why not everyone experiences the weight loss side effects associated with Ozempic.

Ozempic continues to make headlines, with the type 2 diabetes medication making waves for its various side effects, including weight loss. People on social media and even Celebrities have spoken about trying the medication. Now, Tracy Morgan, who has had type 2 diabetes for over a decade, is opening up about his experience with the drug. The 30 Rock star is making headlines after revealing that he gained 40 pounds after taking the injectable medication.

Morgan spoke about his experience during a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As he sat down with the host, Fallon told his guest, “You look good, bud, you look great. How are you staying in shape these days?” Morgan responded: “Well, that’s Ozempic.”

Morgan elaborated; he jokingly said: “I’ve learned to out-eat Ozempic. I out-ate Ozempic. I’ve gained 40 pounds.” The SNL alum then joked, “I’m like Magic Johnson. I gained 40 pounds.”

It’s important to know that weight loss is not guaranteed on Ozempic and similar drugs used for weight loss. If you don’t make lifestyle changes, like eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet and exercising regularly, while taking the medication, you might not see as much weight loss as was shown in clinical trials, Christina Inteso, Pharm.D., a clinical pharmacy specialist at Corewell Health, previously told Prevention.

“I have seen this happen, more commonly than I’d like, where people think they can just take the medication, not make changes to their eating or physical activity habits, and still lose 10% of their body weight,” Inteso said previously. “While these medications are effective, there still is no magic weight loss pill that will allow for that quite yet.”

There can also be other factors at play, Inteso said. “Sometimes people might not see an effect from the weight loss medication and that could also be that it’s not the right weight loss medication for them,” she added. “For example, if someone struggles with food cravings, but they are given a medication that makes them feel full, the food cravings will still be there and the individual may struggle to combat those cravings even if they do feel full.”

While Morgan did not specify whether he is still taking the medication, some people do gain weight after stopping the drug. A 2022 study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that a majority of people who take semaglutide, the main active ingredient in Ozempic, gain most of the weight back within a year of stopping the medication. This has also been coined as “Ozempic rebound.”

Morgan isn’t the first celebrity to speak about their not-entirely-positive experience taking the drug. Sharon Osbourne opened up about her dramatic weight loss when using the medication and why she decided to stop taking it: She “couldn’t stop losing weight.”

While there only seems to be increasing demand for these medications, it’s important to remember that there is no “magic pill” that can result in weight loss—especially without making lifestyle adjustments in tandem with taking the medication.

If you are curious about these types of drugs, your doctor can help you decide if medication is right for you.

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