Trader Joe's Just Announced Its Latest Recipe Contest—Here's How To Enter

The winner takes home a $200 gift card and some serious Instagram cred.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images</p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

Trader Joe's just announced their latest recipe contest, and it's all about pie. Pizza pie, that is. The beloved grocery store is asking you to submit your best pizza recipe featuring ingredients exclusively from Trader Joe's. The contest runs from April 1 through April 14, and you have to submit your winning pizza on Instagram to enter the contest.

Here's everything you need to know to clinch your cheesy victory.

Trader Joe's Pizza Recipe Contest Rules

Trader Joe's invites shoppers to get creative with their pies. "No idea is too pie-in-the-sky," according to the contest announcement on its website. However, there are some ground rules.

  • Pizza recipes must contain seven ingredients or fewer to be considered.

  • All the ingredients must be from Trader Joe's, from the crust to the cheese and toppings. Salt, pepper, sugar, butter, cooking oil, and water are "freebies" that don't count towards the seven-ingredient maximum.

  • "Pizza" is open to interpretation—Trader Joe's wants you to get creative! Skillet pizza, pan pizza, flatbread pizza, naan pizza...anything on the pizza theme is fair game!

<p>Simply Recipes / Ciara Kehoe</p>

Simply Recipes / Ciara Kehoe

How To Enter the Trader Joe's Pizza Recipe Contest

To enter this contest, you'll have to access your social media skills as well as your cooking skills. Once you've perfected your creation, take an original photo (videos can not be entered into the contest). Do not add any text, graphics, or watermarks to the image.

Your caption must include the full recipe, including all the ingredients and the instructions for your pizza. Just remember: someone should be able to recreate your recipe from the caption. You must also include the hashtag #TJsPizzaContest to be entered to win.

Importantly, any garnishes you want to include to make your pizza look stunning will be counted as ingredients, so only add a garnish if it won't push your ingredient count over seven.

Post your creation, with the recipe in the caption, to your Instagram account between 9 a.m. PDT on April 1 and 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 14. Trader Joe's notes that your account must be set to "public" to enter the contest.

The Prizes

The winner of the pizza recipe contest will receive a $200 Trader Joe's gift card, and their winning recipe will be featured on the Trader Joe's website. Two runners-up will win $100 gift cards. All three winning entries will be featured on Trader Joe's Instagram page.

Read the complete contest rules on the Trader Joe's website.

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