Trader Joe's Just Turned Its 'Best Dessert of 2023' Into a Snack

Fans are saying they're "unreal."

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Trader Joes

Trader Joe's carries some of our favorite products to stock our kitchens with. Some products are available every time we visit, while others are limited-time treats. TJ's fans have been known to go a little wild over those seasonal treats, causing shelves to be empty where you most want them to be stocked. The grocery chain recently released a new snack we're hoping doesn't disappear too quickly.

Trader Joe’s New 'Hold the Cone'-Inspired Snack

Last week, fans discovered on social media that Trader Joe’s released Hold the Cone Tips. The unrefrigerated snack is inspired by Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones, which customers voted TJ’s best dessert of 2023.

The original dessert features mini ice cream cones lined with chocolate, filled with ice cream, and dipped in even more chocolate. This new snack version features waffle cone tips filled with dark chocolate, similar to the last bite of a Hold the Cone.

Commenters on an Instagram post by traderjoesnew said the snack was “UNREALLLLLL” and “so good!” In a Reddit thread, one person said, “Hold the Cone Tips: they taste exactly as you would imagine. Not too sweet, nice dark chocolate and waffle cone flavor. A good little treat! 9/10.”

If you’re hoping to grab the chocolate-filled waffle cone tips for yourself, a 3.5-ounce box will cost you $3.99. Trader Joe’s says they can be found stocked next to the cookies, though some fans online are finding them in new product displays. 

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