Trailer for Emily in Paris and Everything Everywhere stars' new movie

sabrina wu, ashley park, sherry cola, and stephanie hsu in joy ride
First trailer for new comdey Joy Ride Ed Araquel/Lionsgate

Emily in Paris singing sensation Ashley Park and Everything Everywhere All At Once's Stephanie Hsu are friends on a mission in the trailer for their new flick Joy Ride.

Park, who stars as Mindy Chen in the Netflix binge-worth series Emily in Paris, and Hsu, who has recently solidified herself as one of Hollywood's brightest rising stars by appearing as Joy Wang in the multi-award-winning Everything Everywhere All At Once, are embarking on an international adventure to remember.

The film follows Audrey (Park) and her friend Lolo (played by Sherry Cola), who go on a trip to Asia when things take a drug-fuelled and outrageous turn in the search for Audrey's birth mother.

sabrina wu, ashley park, sherry cola, and stephanie hsu in joy ride
Ed Araquel/Lionsgate

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The pair are joined on the journey by former college friend Kat (Hsu), who is now a famous Chinese soap star, and Lolo's somewhat unusual cousin Deadeye (Sabrina Wu), who appears to have boundary issues.

The trailer starts with Audrey and Lolo becoming childhood best friends at the park after Lolo punches a bully for a racial slur.

It gets more outrageous as the pair mature, hitting milestones together and progressing from childhood to adulthood. One part of the trailer shows them encountering a drug dealer on the train and they're forced to help hide the drugs to avoid being arrested.

ashley park
Roy Rochlin - Getty Images

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To get a fuller flavour of the comedy stylings of this film, the Lionsgate movie is produced by Seth Rogen's independent film and television production company Point Grey, the team behind Sausage Party and Neighbors and marks the directorial debut of Crazy Rich Asians co-writer Adele Lim.

K-Pop and humour lovers are also in for a treat, with the band of friends forming a K-pop band to "bypass airport security" in a colourful scene where they proceed to sing Cardi B's WAP.

Joy Ride will open in cinemas on June 23

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