Train driver body slams a teen who officials say was assaulting staff

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Story and video from SWNS

A commuter has captured 'Britain's hardest train driver' on film - body slamming a teen who officials say was assaulting staff.

Passengers on the South Western Railway service from Farnham to Ascot witnessed the altercation at Bagshot railway station in Surrey.

According to witnesses the teenage passenger had been asked to leave the train by an inspector after he refused to buy a ticket.

They claim the boy then got aggressive when he was asked to step off the train and is said to have pushed and sworn at an inspector.

The unruly teen is reported to have then punched him before stepping off the train.

Onlookers say the train driver then intervened but the passenger continued his behaviour.

A college student filmed the moment the train driver then picked the boy up. Slamming the teenager into the ground, the employee can be heard telling the boy to 'relax yourself' as he gets to his feet and leaves.

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The rail firm said they ''would always advise against physical contact, but the driver in this case was in a very difficult position as his colleague was being assaulted''.

An onlooker said: "The boy was about 16 or 17 years old and was by himself on the train.

"I think he might have only got on at the station before Bagshot and was trying to get to get to the next station.

"The ticket inspector was checking tickets and when he got to this boy, there was a conversation between them and the boy turned aggressive.

"He started shouting and swearing at the ticket inspector who you could hear telling him he needed to leave because he didn't have a ticket.

"The boy started pushing the ticket inspector who pushed him back towards the door of the train, telling him to get off.

"At this point, the boy punched the ticket inspector and got off the train with the ticket inspector following him.

"As this happens, the actual train driver got off the train too and got involved in a punch up whilst trying to calm the boy down.

"When the boy did not comply, the train driver lifted him up and threw him to the ground, telling him to 'relax yourself'.

''He must be Britain's hardest train driver.''