The Traitors’ Parvati Shallow And Sandra Diaz-Twine Reveal Their Reaction To That Tense Survivor Reunion

 Parvati Shallow on The Traitors premiere .
Parvati Shallow on The Traitors premiere .

Spoilers ahead for the first three episodes of The Traitors Season 2. 

It's a great time to be a reality TV fan, as Season 2 of The Traitors has begun for those with a Peacock subscription. The iconic cast of The Traitors Season 2 is full of reality TV royalty, including two of the most beloved Survivor winners of all time: Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine. And that pair of Survivor queens recently spoke about what it was like reuniting on camera following some drama in the real world.

Survivor contestants make some serious money, and Parvati and Sandra are back on TV hoping to take home up to $250k. Their reunion in Season 2's first episode was tense, and it was a moment that fans of their original show were looking forward to. They recently spoke to TV Line about this moment, with Shallow revealing her reaction by saying:

I was really surprised when I saw Sandra at the castle and I was hopeful that we could work together and overcome any kind of drama that we had experienced in the past. We had a nice little reunion and buried the hatchet, and were able to move forward.

Parvati's surprise over Sandra being in the same cast yet again was definitely clear onscreen. Before they even met face to face in Traitors host Alan Cumming's castle, Shallow was seen in the car hoping that Diaz-Twine wasn't also included in the group of reality TV personalities. Of course, that's exactly what happened.

Sandra and Parvati's history goes back over a decade, where the two were cast in the 20th season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Arguably the best season of the long-running series, both women (who had already won once) made it to Final Tribal, although Sandra pulled it out and became the first player in history to win the game twice. They once again competed on Season 40: Winners At War (which Jeff Probst called the best), but they didn't make it super far. Only time will tell what happens during The Traitors.

Sandra in the premiere of The Traitors
Sandra in the premiere of The Traitors

The scene where Parvati and Sandra came face to face on The Traitors was deliciously awkward, and definitely has the potential to become a meme in the future. In the same interview, Diaz-Twine shared her perspective of that moment, and revealed shew was similarly hoping anyone from Survivor but Parv made it to the castle. As she shared:

The minute I saw her, I froze. I was smiling until I saw Parvati and then my smile totally went away. It was like, ‘Dog, out of everyone they could have brought out here,’ you know?

But rather than fighting or gunning for each other when starting The Traitors, they seem to have buried the hatchet rather easily. Sandra Diaz-Twine gave some credit to fellow cast member Peppermint for helping the two Survivor come together after their awkward moment, saying:

Peppermint put us together. We talked briefly and we moved on, and after that point I never looked back. I don’t know if she needed [that] as much as I did.

And now I'm mad all over again that Peppermint was the first Faithful who was wrongfully voted out and assumed to be a Traitor. The vote-off felt icky to me, especially because Peppermint great TV and has a heart of gold. I mean, just look at the impact she had on Sandra and Parvati during their brief time together.

We'll just have to see how Sandra and Parvati end up interacting throughout The Traitors. They seem to be in a good place, although their reunion happened before Parv was eventually recruited to become a Traitor.

The Traitors airs new episodes Thursday on Peacock. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.