The Traitors Recap: Big Brother Starts Brawling — Plus, a Familiar Face Arrives to Wreak Havoc at the Castle

Place your bets. Your main event — Parvati vs. Phaedra — is about to begin!

At the top of Thursday’s episode of The Traitors, Phaedra calls out Parv for throwing her (and the rest of the housewives) under the bus. Parvati tries to assure her that she’s not throwing Phaedra’s name around and she’s not trying to sabotage her either. Phaedra accepts the apology (for now) and agrees to proceed. “But if she behaves similarly later on, then I will know she cannot be trusted,” Phaedra tells us in a confessional. Is a traitors battle royale in our near future? Oh boy!

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As a peace offering, Parvati puts the ball in Phaedra’s court, giving her the controls to select the night’s murder. The trio discusses both Sandra and Tamra, but wonders which dirty deed would cause the most confusion.

The moment of truth reveals itself at breakfast: The traitors murdered Tamra. While most of the room is shocked and searching for clues, the only thing Phaedra is searching for is a boiled egg or two. While she hunts down some breakfast, Alan tells the group that he has a surprise in store for them, but neglects to elaborate any further.

Peter suspects that Dan is a traitor, since his game has been too low-key. Kevin, however, has his eyes on Janelle, which he shares with Dan. Dan says he has no problem using that to his advantage later. But Janelle sees right through him, noting that she can see all of the moves he used to pull off on Big Brother. “Dan in the beginning of a game plays opossum, then he springs into action when the numbers are in his favor and he starts attacking,” she says. “He’s the most devious Big Brother player I’ve ever played with. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

MISSION | In a challenge that splits the group into two, half of the players run around the grounds listening to bird calls that they must then relay to the inside group. That group must give Alan the right stuffed bird to collect the cash. Overall they bank $10,000, while Trishelle and Bergie pick up shields.

PETER’S PLOY | The bachelor is showing some smarts! Peter spreads a false rumor to Dan, CT and Parvati that he and Janelle are the ones who have the shields. He swears everyone to secrecy, but hopes that the traitors will wrongly take a shot at Trishelle or Bergie, thereby blocking the murder.

Janelle meanwhile keeps pitching that Dan is their man. MJ agrees that Dan could very well be a traitor, but Janelle’s dirty hands and cutthroat nature gives her pause. Then MJ tells Dan that Janelle is gunning for him, setting up a roundtable that’s sure to be a Big Brother bloodbath.

BUT FIRST! | A secret player arrives to the castle and she’s “about to hit that roundtable like a Highland wrecking ball,” Alan tells us. It’s Traitors fan favorite Kate Chastain from Bravo’s Below Deck. She opens up a letter and learns that she’s a faithful. With every ounce of her unique charm, she tells us she’s here to “have a good time and f–k up some shit, you know?” Oh, we know.

ROUNDTABLE | Alan makes the announcement that a new guest has arrived and when Kate walks in, everyone’s shook. “So tell me everything! Who do we hate?” she asks when she takes her seat.

Kevin brings up Janelle’s name for traitor consideration. Janelle reacts by laying it all out: She thinks Dan, CT and Sandra are the traitors. Peter again brings up Dan’s name because Dan has given the group the least amount of info. Janelle doubles down on that, saying he does nothing and consistently acts suspicious. The group puts him on the spot and asks him for a name. He says Janelle. She led the charge on a lot of the wrong shots they took, and he says he can’t trust her or move forward with her in this game.

When the group votes, it’s neck and neck between the bickering Big Brother houseguests, but it’s Janelle who’s banished from the game.

THE TURRET | Once Parvati learns that Peter also told Dan the same shield story, she knows Peter’s lying. (A smart cookie, that one.) But Dan’s playing defense. He still wants to roll the dice on Bergie. Dan tells us this murder is either going to win him the game or cause him to lose the whole thing. So did they pull the trigger on poor Bergie? Tune in next week to find out.

Let’s all have a moment of silence for our dearly departed Janelle, shall we? Then, you know what to do: Light up those comments!

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