The Traitors Recap: Did Peter’s Cunning Plan Turn the Game Upside Down?

Faithful Peter’s set quite the trap, but will he catch any traitors?

In last week’s episode of The Traitors, the former bachelor slipped some incorrect info to CT, Dan and Parvati — three people he suspected were traitors — by telling them that he and Janelle were the recipients of the shields. The goal: To lure a traitor into murdering Bergie or Trishelle, the true shield holders, thereby cancelling the murder. And if the murder was cancelled, then one of Peter’s suspects was surely a traitor.

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And of course the traitors fell for it! (Any other Big Brother fans surprised Dan took that bait? He really should’ve listened to Parvati.)

Bergie walks into breakfast and announces that he was served a death warrant, so he whips out the shield to show everyone the goods. Peter’s plan worked and once he explains it to the other faithful, CT, Parvati and Dan admit they were the ones Peter leaked the info to. With the murder blocked, Dan and Parvati are treading in some seriously hot water. Dan says he’s had his back against the wall before, and if you’ve seen his “funeral” from BB14, you know he’s not going down without a fight.

After the group banks $20K on another mission, Peter has what he thinks is his “last meal,” while Dan starts strategizing to save his hide. He tells Peter that he’s been working hard on targeting one particular individual, but he wants to keep it a secret until the roundtable. He asks some of the other faithfuls to keep an open mind as he presents his case, and tells us that it’s time for him to take out one of his fellow traitors. It is literally every traitor for him- and herself!

ROUNDTABLE | Dan wastes no time. He begins his case by eyeing those who have not had their names written down yet. Then, he investigates the odd votes made by each of those players until he zeroes in on Phaedra, who voted for Ekin-Su just before she was poisoned. He claims that her breakfast reactions have been strange, and since everyone likes her and she’ll never be brought up, he wants the group to aim and fire at the housewife.

Phaedra stays cool, calm and collected. She says her reactions were made only in support of her fellow housewives. She tells the group that Bergie was targeted solely because Dan thought Bergie didn’t have a shield. Since Phaedra wasn’t in on Peter’s ploy, she capitalizes on that. Peter chimes in saying that he thinks that Dan or Parvati is a traitor, and that if Peter gets murdered that night, he wants the faithful to use it as proof.

Parvati speaks up and before she can even get a word out, Peter calls her out for already trying to jump ship from Dan. When she finally speaks, she says that she did trust Dan from the beginning, but that perhaps she trusted the wrong person.

When the votes are tallied, Dan is, in fact, the one banished from the game, and the faithfuls score their first correct banishment. Dan tells everyone to have fun as he walks off set with a smile on his face.

When Parvati and Phaedra meet later that night in the turret, they’re shocked to get a surprise visit from Alan. He presents them with an option: They can murder a faithful or attempt to recruit another traitor. Parvati wants to recruit Peter, but it’s a risk because he doesn’t have to accept. (But if he does, wouldn’t it be juicy to watch him murder all his former allies?) Since Parvati is seemingly the one still in danger, Phaedra agrees and the women send Pete one dangerous invitation.

Do you think Peter will accept the traitors’ offer? Is Parvati more or less SOL? Fire away in the comments!

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