The Traitors winner announced in shock twist

Harry Clarke has won The Traitors credit:Bang Showbiz
Harry Clarke has won The Traitors credit:Bang Showbiz

Harry Clarke has won 'The Traitors'.

The 23-year-old British Army Corporal had fought off competition from 20 other contestants all vying to win up to £100,000 in the famous castle as part of the intense psychological game and when co-star Mollie Pearce wrongly thought that he was a Faithful in the hopes of the pair of them splitting the cash, he revealed that he had been a Traitor all along, meaning that he walked away with all the prize money.

Immediately after realising her error in keeping him in the game, she stormed off set yelling; "F***, f***!", regretting her decision to banish Jaz Singh, 30, when he turned out to have been a Faithful.

The 21-year-old model broke down in tears as she admitted she had "really, really trusted" Harry but admitted that her co-star had played a "brilliant game."

Harry was congratulated by host Claudia Winkleman as he vowed to gain Mollie's trust back somehow.

He said: "My legs are shaking, oh my, oh my God! I just won £95,000! She's like crying and stuff. Mollie is the reason that I'm here and I need to gain her trust back. I don't know if that's ever gonna be possible but I'm gonna try my hardest, I promise you that!"

Harry toasted his victory with the 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge over a glass of champagne and used his final confessional on the series to assure viewers that despite his status as a Traitor, he is in fact a "good person" who was motivated by his family.

"My family knows I'm a good guy so to everyone else, if you don't think I'm a good guy, I promise you I am! I came here for my family and my loved ones. They are my motivation and the reason I go in live. I can't wait to ring them to tell them. I feel like I can breathe, I'm just me again.

"I'm Harry again."