Transform Leftover Fries Into Perfect Breakfast Hash Browns

French fries on take out plate
French fries on take out plate - sylv1rob1/Shutterstock

From spicy biscuits and gravy to waffles and syrup to honey-spiked oatmeal, a well-rounded, great-tasting breakfast holds the power to set the tone for your day. However, if you've ever been short on morning meal supplies, you know just how dizzying it is to start your day on an empty stomach. Instead of going hungry, turn to your leftovers. More specifically, turn leftover french fries into perfect breakfast hash browns. Since they tend to lose their crispy, fresh-out-of-the-fryer texture in the fridge, leftover fries are often discarded, but transforming them into hash browns is a delicious way to reduce food waste.

Whether you prefer waffle fries, crinkle cut, or old-fashioned hand-punched spuds, any french fry shape will work for this upcycled breakfast. All you need to do is take your leftovers, dice them up, and give them a good crisp up in the frying pan. With the help of a little cooking oil -- preferably one with a high smoke point to avoid the development of charred flavors -- they will return to their original crispy texture. Like any other hash brown recipe, french fry hash browns will pair well with other iconic breakfast fixings from smoky sausages to a plate of mixed berries.

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Tools And Tips

Potato ricer in action
Potato ricer in action - Claire Adams/Shutterstock

Turning fries into hash browns is not a complicated task. But like anything else in the kitchen, a few tips and access to the right tools can make it even easier. Here are some suggestions for turning leftover french fries into hash browns as seamlessly as possible.

French fries are typically long and slender like sticks (excluding the beloved curly fry), which isn't the shape you want for hash browns. A no-frills way to form them into proper hash browns is by finely dicing them with a sharp knife. However, if your knife skills are less than ideal or the extra effort doesn't sound appealing, turn to your food processor. These handy kitchen gadgets are adept at mincing, dicing, and slicing whole foods without excess elbow grease. Simply pulse the fries in the food processor until they are the size you want. Another option is a potato ricer, which can force the tubers through tiny holes and turn them into stringy potato strands.

Jazzing Up French Fry Hash Browns

Hashbrowns, toast, and eggs
Hashbrowns, toast, and eggs - Liudmyla Chuhunova/Shutterstock

Although some foods taste even better after sitting in the refrigerator overnight, french fries aren't one of them. When french fries are refrigerated, the temperature change chemically alters the structure of the starches, making them fall flat and mushy. The cold air also dulls the cozy, comforting flavors and aromas characteristic of a great batch of french fries. Although reshaping and reheating helps, you can take it a step further by jazzing up your french fry hash browns with additional ingredients.

Don't be shy about seasonings. Garlic and onion powder will give the potatoes savory, slightly pungent flavors that provide depth. Smoked paprika will impart the hash browns with a campfire appeal and a vibrant pop of red color. Of course, all three seasonings are bolstered by the subtle spice of black pepper and the flavor-enhancing properties of salt.

Don't stop there, lean into classic potato and herb pairings too. Rosemary brings a piney essence to the potatoes while parsley provides them with an uplifting freshness. Top your hash browns with a runny fried egg to give them a saucy, rich texture, or dice up some fresh jalapeños for a punch of fire. For a latke-inspired take on the upcycled fries, pair them with apple sauce and sour cream. Whichever way you choose to plate them, turning yesterday's fries into hash browns is just one of many tricks for using up all of your leftovers. After all, waste-free eating is happy eating!

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