Transform Store-Bought Garlic Bread Into Pizza For A Quick Dinner

Top-down view of garlic bread with pizza toppings and basil
Top-down view of garlic bread with pizza toppings and basil - DronG/Shutterstock

Garlic bread has always been an incredible appetizer and side dish. Served alongside spaghetti, soup, and barbecue, it makes a stellar meal even better. However, the buttery bread is far too good to just be a side. Luckily, you can turn garlic bread into pizza for a quick yet delectable dinner. Homemade garlic bread is certainly the best version of the dish, but when in a rush, toasted garlic bread that's been heated in the oven will make you forget that it's not freshly made.

When topped with salty cheese and a rich sauce, it certainly elevates store-bought garlic bread into being more than just another frozen item. Serving as a savory, crisp pizza crust, it's pre-packed with flavor and makes the toppings taste absolutely incredible. Plus, frozen garlic bread is ready to go after only around 10 minutes, making it a great dinner idea for late nights. With such a short preparation time, it's best to go with toppings and ingredients that will finish cooking around the same time as the garlic bread.

Cheese like mozzarella, ricotta, cheddar, and provolone melt quickly, and creating a blend of your favorites is an easy pizza topping that offers complex flavors. You can also opt for toppings that are pre-cooked, such as pepperoni slices or bacon bits. For a vegetarian version, you may need to par-cook your pizza's veggie toppings. Sauté mushrooms and peppers for a few minutes before placing them on the garlic bread and baking it.

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Serve Up This Garlic Bread Recipe For Pizza Night

Garlic bread pizza on a wooden board
Garlic bread pizza on a wooden board - Anna Quelhas/Shutterstock

You can never go wrong with mozzarella and pepperoni on pizza. Either shredded mozzarella or a thick slice of whole cheese melts into buttery bread well. After spreading tomato sauce onto the garlic bread, add the layers of ingredients and heat it in the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake it for 10 minutes, or until the cheese is golden brown. Then, sprinkle red pepper flakes on top when they're done and eat the pizza with a quick side salad.

Or, switch things up with a feta and bacon garlic bread pizza. While feta doesn't need much time in the oven, bacon may require a bit of pre-cooking if you want it extra crispy. However, the standard 10 minutes is long enough to get rich, meaty bacon. Chop up the bacon into smaller pieces before placing it on the garlic bread. For the sauce, spring for sun-dried tomato pesto and top the pizza off with a drizzle of spicy Calibrian chile honey.

You can also spring for a veggie pizza and heat up mushrooms in a pan until they start to release their water. Then, spread tomato sauce or pesto onto the garlic bread and top it off with goat cheese, shredded kale, and the par-cooked mushrooms.

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