Transformers: Age Of Extinction To Set Up New Trilogy

Michael Bay unveils future plans for franchise.

Michael Bay has some good news for 'Transformers' fans - he's said that ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ is the start of a brand new trilogy about the battling ‘bots.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bay said that he hopes ‘Age of Extinction’ will herald the beginning of a new age for the Autobots.

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“It’s kind of like a new Transformers,” he explained. “We had three, the first trilogy, and this is going to be the next one. It’s the first of a new trilogy.”

But more Transformers doesn’t necessarily mean more Bayhem, as the director added: “I’m not necessarily sure that I’m doing the others, but that’s what it’s meant for.”

‘Age of Extinction’ star Mark Wahlberg, meanwhile, provided some further detail about the film, revealing that humanity is still reeling after the events of ‘Dark of the Moon’.

"The government wants to wipe out all the Transformers, all the Autobots,” the actor explained. “Optimus has lost all faith in humankind, and I'm trying to convince him there is still good in the world and we need to work together,

Bay added: “He's done good for earth, and he's been fucked over. We'll see angry Optimus Prime.”

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Bay also revealed a little information about newcomer Lockdown, a bounty hunter Transformer - neither Autobot or Decepticon - whose alternate form is a rather sexy Lamborghini Aventador.

“Lockdown is an interesting character. He travels the galaxy, he works for somebody else. And he’s here for one person, one alien, and then he’s out of here,” Bay says. “So he doesn’t really want to take sides. The cause and balance of the galaxy is kind of messed up when different species play with different species. And that opens up a whole other gigantic world for Transformers.

“Lockdown’s ship has a lot of meaning that can go into other movies. There’s a lot of backstory about that ship that’s not laid out here. You’re going to see a few things where you’re like ‘What is that? And what is that?’ And you’re going to see a couple shots like, ‘Wait a minute, who are they?’ But we don’t answer those questions.”

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But when it came to questions about Grimlock, and the Dinobots’ presence on Earth, Bay was giving nothing away.

“I like to keep things very much in the dark,” he said. “But yes, you’ll understand why they’re there when you see the movie. If you think I’m supposed to give away a lot of story points? No way! Keep it secret.”

He did reveal Grimlock’s measurements, though, explaining that if the Dinobot existed in real life, he’d be 150 feet long, 63.5 feet tall and weigh 850 tons. Or in other words, really, really, really big.

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ hits cinemas on 10 July.