Transformers 4: 13 Things We Learned From The Cast

Orlando Parfitt
UK Movies Editor

Yahoo Movies UK sat down with the cast of ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ to find out all we could about the megabucks new installment of the fighting robot franchise. Check out our edited highlights of the chats above, or read on for some of the things we learned below.

1. Bingbing Li, who plays Su Yueming in the film, admitted that Michael Bay made many people “nervous” on set, but she described him as a “brilliant genius”.

2. She also said that Bay wrote into the script a fight scene for her after he found out she could do martial arts. 

3. Wahlberg still thinks the film is better than the first 3 combined. “It just felt different and fresh. I thought they did a great job with the script and I knew Michael would take the technology to a whole other level. What am I supposed to say; ‘it’s not gonna be as good?’”.

4. Walhberg admits he might’ve been second choice for the lead role in ‘Transformers’ behind Dwayne Johnson. “He likes to joke around a lot… but maybe [that’s true]?”.

5. The most intense day of filming was when Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor and himself were running away from explosions on set in Detroit. “There was row upon row of gunpowder going off, and you’re told to not flinch because we only get one shot at this… The heat was pretty crazy”. See below.

6. Stanley Tucci’s technology magnate Joshua Joyce is based on Steve Jobs, according to the actor. “People who are completely obsessive about what they’re doing. I suppose someone like him.”

7. He also said that Bay’s shooting style was much quicker than any director he’s worked with. “Everything happens very quickly. What Michael shoots in one day, most people shoot in three days. What he shoots before lunch could be a week for other people. The first day for me was a rude awakening. Everything was blowing up.”

8. Tucci is contracted for the next three films and is “more” than happy to return for ‘Part 5’.

9. Kelsey Grammer thinks ‘Transformers 4’ is more realistic than the first trilogy.  “The tone before was almost like high comedy some times, they really did some very slapsticky fun things, especially in the first one. Michael has a twisted fun sense of humour, and I think that feeds into this one as well… but I think he wanted it to become something we relate to a little more. Like you can really believe it might happen.”

10. Grammer’s character, CIA boss Attinger, is “guided by greed” and also by the events that happened in Chicago in the previous film. “He’s seen what happened in the Chicago and has had a little loss of perspective, and he want these guys (Transformers) off the planet”.

11. He also saw Bay get angry on set. “I saw him pop off a few times when he was not happy.”

12. Whereas the theme of the first film was about a boy’s first car, this is about a girl, played by Nicola Peltz (above), reaching adulthood and becoming independent. That’s according to Jack Reynor, who plays her on-screen boyfriend Shane Dyson.

13. He also said her character was a “departure” from previous ‘Transformers’ leading ladies like Megan Fox. “She’s also more of a bad-ass in the film. That was also a departure form the previous films. She does crazy things, she cuts of an aliens tongue in the film. She can look after herself.” 

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ is in cinemas from 5 July, 2014.