Transformers: Bumblebee Solo Movie Revealed

Turns out there was more than meets the eye to that recent announcement of three ‘Transformers’ sequels. (See what we did there?)

The sixth ‘Transformers’ movie scheduled to open in June 2018 will in fact be spin-off movie centred on Bumblebee, multiple sources report.

Nothing is known plot-wise other than that it will show the “never-before-heard story” of the loveable yellow Autobot, always one of the most popular characters in the toy , cartoon and feature film franchise.

Nor is it known who will direct, as Michael Bay has promised the as-yet untitled fifth ‘Transformers’ movie, due June 2017, will be his last. (Mind you, he also said that about third film ‘Dark of the Moon’ and fourth film ‘Age of Extinction.’)

This marks the first step toward an expanded ‘Transformers’ movie universe which had long been mooted as a possibility, meaning other spin-off movies will likely be on the cards. 

Hasbro declare they have been working with “a talented team of A-list screenwriters” (thought they’re not naming names) to plot this broader ‘Transformers’ universe out. 

There remains no word to date on what we might expect from the seventh ‘Transformers’ film scheduled for June 2019.

Picture Credit: Paramount

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