How to Transition Your Makeup From Winter to Spring

Armani Beauty’s new global makeup artist, Hiromi Ueda, breaks it down in five easy steps.

<p>Courtesy of Armani Beauty</p>

Courtesy of Armani Beauty

If you like taking a seasonal approach to makeup, March is ripe with possibility. Why? It’s a cusp month that allows you to infuse elements of winter while beginning to shift gears to spring. To get the transition right, you want to achieve a balance of color, shine, and finish that reflects the changing seasons, says expert Hiromi Ueda. Known for infusing unique hues and finishes into gorgeous, natural-looking makeup, Ueda is here to share her top tips. From luminous skin to fresh pastels, she outlines five simple strategies for transitioning your makeup from winter to spring.

Meet Our Expert

Hiromi Ueda is Armani Beauty’s new global makeup artist.

Illuminate Your Skin

“I like natural skin—bare but finished-looking,” says Ueda of her overarching approach to complexion. She adds that for this time of year, it’s all about a “luminous, radiant finish.” Begin with a luminous, semi-matte foundation like Armani Luminous Silk to create a “flawless, glaze-like” finish before adding a liquid highlighter, like Illuminating Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer, on top along the highs of the cheekbones. There’s nothing like strobed skin to set the stage for skin.

Flush Your Cheeks

A frost-bitten glow and fresh spring flush have more in common than you think. Evoke both vibes simultaneously with a flush-from-within skin, layering on blush pigments with a light hand. For that more diffused, soft-focus effect, Ueda likes to layer liquid beneath powder, which creates more dimension and a “more subtle” pink glow. “Add Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer Highlighter in radiant pink, and then blend a bit of Luminous Silk Powder Blush on the highest parts of the cheeks,” she says. Ueda also suggests echoing the same rosy hue in the lips for a monochrome effect.



Slick Your Lips

This time of year, Ueda loves to embrace a juicy, glass-like finish on the lips. “It’s beautiful to have a bit of glossy finish on the lips,” she says. Adding shine and dimension to the lips, lip gloss is an instant volumizer and can also conceal any lingering dryness as we head into spring. Later this month, Armani Beauty is launching Prisma Glass, an oil-in-gel gloss that will deliver sheer color and hydration. The timing is no coincidence!

Try Cool Pastels

“I like to use more icy white or pale blues,” says Ueda of her go-to eye hues for late winter, looking ahead to spring. A sweep of liquid eye color, like the Armani Beauty Eye Tints, across the lids makes it easy. “You can use your finger or the applicator directly to pop on the color,” she explains. “Just blend in quick because it’s a long-lasting product.”


It’s basic color theory that pastels with subtle gray undertones are inherently transitional for the winter-to-spring shift; you can save the more vibrant spring hues for later in the season.

Add a Touch of Metallic

“I like metallics because they [supply] a cooler finish,” explains Ueda. While you can’t go wrong with a wash across the lids, consider a more concentrated approach with an Eye Tint in platinum silver or soft gold shimmer. “I like to make dots on the inner corners of the eyes to open the eyes and make them pop,” says Ueda.

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