Travis Barker’s Latest Venture Is a Cannabis Line

Travis Barker is riding high right now.


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Tuesday, the Blink-182 drummer is launching his latest brand, Barker Canna Co., a line of cannabis-based products, including Half Gram Live Rosin All-In-One Vaporizer, $40; Full Gram All-In-One Vaporizer, $24; Mini Barkies, $36, pre-rolls, and five flavors of gummies, ranging from $14 to $15, including one formulated for sleep. To start, the line will be available at select locations of The Syndicate, a California-based dispensary.

The star, who recently welcomed a son with wife Kourtney Kardashian Barker, also has a line of CBD-infused topical and ingestible products called Barker Wellness Co., which launched in 2022. Barker previously collaborated with Kardashian Barker on a line of bath products for this brand.

Barker Canna Co. lineup.
Barker Canna Co. lineup.

According to Barker, cannabis has always played a role in his life, though it has evolved.

“Over the years, my relationship with cannabis has grown much more sophisticated, serving as a tool for physical recovery, mental well-being and creative stimulation,” Barker said. “I always defer back to my wellness journey because I’ve seen firsthand how powerful cannabis’ healing properties are. As it can be used in various ways, we wanted to create something for everything.”

However, Barker, of course, has his own favorites from the collection.

“I would say I am more of an edibles guy myself,” he said. “Following my last surgery, I explored the use of cannabis for pain management and recovery, which offered a natural alternative to alleviating discomfort.”

Travis Barker
Travis Barker

Furthermore, this launch comes at a time where consumers are rethinking their alcohol consumption and playing around with other substances like cannabis.

“I’m observing a significant upswing in momentum within the cannabis industry as we approach our launch,” said Barker Canna Co. cofounder Ash Patel. “The evolving public perception and increasing acknowledgment of cannabis for both health and recreational purposes contribute to a favorable market environment.”

Barker added: “Our products align with the broader health and wellness movement by positioning cannabis as a tool for creativity and well-being.”

With the cannabis market having a wellness-centric moment, the team focused on providing a variety of products to welcome new THC users and aficionados alike.

“By addressing the demand for premium cannabis items that prioritize well-being and cater to a diverse consumer base, we aim to carve a unique position in the market,” Patel said. “This strategic focus aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers seeking a positive and inclusive cannabis experience.”

Barker seconded this notion, adding: “It’s for everyone.”

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