Travis and Jason Kelce Say They Would Get Their Mom Donna the Same Gifts Every Holiday (Exclusive)

"One Christmas, she was like, 'You don't always have to get me candles, earrings and candy,' " Jason tells PEOPLE of their mom, Donna

Courtesy of Campbell’s/ Chunky
Courtesy of Campbell’s/ Chunky

Travis and Jason Kelce know how to give the perfect gift — or so they thought!

The NFL players spoke exclusively with PEOPLE on the set of their upcoming Campbell's Chunky commercial, where they revealed that they always give their mom, Donna Kelce, the same gifts each holiday.

"Every Christmas, Mother's Day, anything, we just got her candles, earrings and candy. It was our go-to," Jason, 35, says. "And then one Christmas, she was like, 'You don't always have to get me candles, earrings and candy.' "

Though Donna noted she appreciated the gifts and that it is the thought that counts, Jason quips, "Except for when the thought is the same thing," as Travis, 33, adds, "Every single year."

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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For Donna, the perfect holiday, of course, involves being around her sons and husband, Ed Kelce.

"I see them a lot in the football season, but it's just snippets because there are so many people around them," she says. "But when I get to see them just normally in their habitat, like animals, it's just very, very heartening to me."

Travis Kelce/Instagram
Travis Kelce/Instagram

Noting how shooting the forthcoming Campbell's Chunky commercial around Mother's Day made the annual springtime holiday even more special, Travis says, "It's just good getting the family together. That's always the hardest part, is getting everybody under one roof."

"A lot of times we don't get to be around for Mother's Day, so this is awesome," Jason adds, before playfully joking, "Just being around her is my gift from me."

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Donna tells PEOPLE that many of her Mother's Days in years past, when Jason and Travis were younger, were "always sports related."

"It was always a baseball game, a hockey game, a lacrosse game," she details. "It was always with other families and kids, and that's the best way to spend your Mother's Day."

And while she would be alright with receiving candles, earrings or candy again to mark the occasion this year, Donna says there is one item she can certainly live without.

"The thing that would drive me nuts was when I would get a sweatshirt with [Travis and Jason's] faces on it," she says with a laugh. "As much as I loved it, I don't wear sweatshirts."

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