Travis Kelce Gave a "Shout-Out to Tay" Ahead of the Super Bowl

She made it to the Super Bowl as a "rookie," after all.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's celebration after the Kansas City Chiefs's win on Sunday was the moment that launched a thousand internet memes, viral videos, and lip reading theories. On Wednesday's episode of Travis and Jason Kelce's podcast, New Heights, the KC tight end reflected on the "cool moment."

Jason recalled going down to the field alongside their mom Donna Kelce, dad Ed Kelce, and Travis's girlfriend, Taylor. The Philadelphia Eagle joked that Swift, aka the "newest member of Chiefs Kingdom," had reached the Super Bowl as a "rookie."

Travis responded by referring to Swift with his sweet nickname for her. "Shout out to Tay," he laughed. "Thanks for joining the team!"

Jason also spoke about the viral photo of Kansas City coach Andy Reid and Swift pointing to each other after the game. The head coach can be seen on stage pointing at Swift, who returns the favor from the field. Travis reminded fans that Swift actually knew his coach long before they started dating, thanks to her dad Scott's love for the Philadelphia Eagles (Reid was the Philly head coach from 1999-2012).

"Obviously, we’ve already talked about how they kind of know each other from the Philly days. Scott Swift, shout-out to big Scott. Him and Andy are good friends," Travis explained, before adding that he actually missed seeing the exchange live, because he was busy giving his motivational, Beastie Boys-inspired speech. "That was a cool moment to see afterwards. I didn’t get to see it ‘cause I was up on the stage screaming ‘Fight for your right,’ but that was a cool one.”

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Jason went on to ask Travis what the win meant to him after such a crazy season of highs and lows (from having Swift in the VIP suite every week to the team's multiple-game losing streak).

“I mean, obviously it just feels like it’s a little bit sweeter, man," Travis said. "You know I don’t want to rip out anyone’s heart in KC, but this road to where we are now has been more of a challenge, which means you have to overcome more. It kind of means a little bit more. And although I cherish all the games I play in Arrowhead, every single one of them baby, this one meant a lot."

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