Travis Kelce praises fans' couple costumes of him and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce "enjoyed" seeing couples dressed as him and Taylor Swift for Halloween.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end thought it was "cool" to have inspired so many joint costumes and he and his brother Jason Kelce were particularly taken with one pairing, TikTok star Jax and her fiance.

While the singer's partner dressed as the 'Cruel Summer' singer, Jax herself donned a map of the US with Travis' face in the middle, a reference to comments online that the couple's romance has finally put the two-time Super Bowl winner on the map.

In their TikTok video, after her confused fiance - who wore a blonde wig, red lipstick and silver bodysuit - admitted he didn't "get" Jax's map get-up, she then got him to place Travis' face in the centre of her map as she said: "Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot the best part."

The social media star's partner then fumed: "He is a well-known athlete!"

Speaking on his 'New Heights' podcast, Travis said: "Oh my f****** gosh. Oh my f****** goodness.

"She put me on the map. She put me on the map, right there in the video. That's so good, man. The commentary, goddamn, that was golden. Hat's off. That was well done. I enjoyed that."

His brother Jason agreed: "That was great. That was so good."

While Travis admitted it was "cool" to see the spooky holiday on 31 October become a "Kelce Halloween", Jason admitted it was "pretty creepy" to see fans dressed as them both, as well as Taylor, his own wife Kylie McDevitt, and their mom Donna Kelce.

He said: “It was pretty creepy watching that many people be us, but it was awesome.”

While the 34-year-old NFL star and his 33-year-old pop star girlfriend haven't shown off their own costumes, they were planning to get dressed up.

Travis said on his podcast last week: "I'm pretty sure we're gonna get the gang together and have a nice little dinner -- or a nice little dinner party, I should say.

"Like a Halloween dinner party. Everybody comes in costumes and we have a party."