Travis Kelce Talks Trip to Sydney, Says Taylor Swift Is the "Best Thing Possible"

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Travis Just Said Tay Is the "Best Thing Possible"Patrick Smith - Getty Images

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have reunited for another episode of New Heights, and you better believe they chatted about Travis' recent trip to visit Taylor Swift in Sydney.

As a reminder, Trav flew in for just a couple nights to see Taylor's Eras Tour, and the couple were spotted chilling at the Sydney Zoo...where a buncha birds-eye pics of them were taken.

In response to Jason asking "Trav what the hell is your life right now," Travis said "Lotta false media being tossed out there, but I'll tell you what wasn't false, when I landed in Australia and seeing all the cameras."

Travis also chatted about his experience at the zoo, saying “There were full-on helicopters just flying around. They helicoptered us. Well, not us, Taylor. This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible."

"I saw a tiger sitting up in a tree house, that shit was fucking sweet, I ain’t gonna lie," Trav added. "Saw a lion close up. Dude, that...when you hear that, 'cause Taylor taking the picture [roar sounds], you’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Let alone one, you see three of them like run down from their rock, their perch, knowing they’re about to get fed. You see how fast and agile that thing is, dude it’s over. It's over. You can tell one was like the big bad, I was like damn. That's a bad man right there."

He wrapped up his musings saying “It was fun. That was a fun one. And then we got to enjoy the Taylor Swift show."

Truly thank god for this podcast.

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