Travis Kelce Tells Taylor Swift “I Love You So Much It’s Not Even Funny” in a New Video

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BRB, Watching This "I Love You" Clip on RepeatRob Carr - Getty Images

Good morning! A new video of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift from Their Moment on the Field (working title of the rom-com I'm developing) just dropped, and it is simply too cute. In the clip, we see Travis and Taylor hugging with muffled audio capturing their conversation. How-ev-er (!!!), the consensus among fans is that the footballer says "I love you so much it's not even funny," and Taylor responds with "I've never been so proud of anyone, ever."

Excuse me while I pass out.

In case the singer's feelings about the Chiefs' Sunday night win aren't abundantly clear, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that "Taylor and Travis are so excited that the Chiefs and Travis are heading to the Super Bowl. They’re very in love and Taylor is super proud of him. They’re both extremely dedicated and hardworking and understand each other. They are relishing in this moment."

Reminder: The Kansas City Chiefs will play against the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl on February 11. And while Taylor isn't confirmed to be there, it seems likely she'll attend—despite playing a show in Tokyo the night before—thanks to the time difference working in her favor. In other words, it's entirely possible for her to fly from Tokyo to Las Vegas (with time to spare!) to watch Travis and the Chiefs potentially win. Fingers crossed—though, honestly? Another cute moment on the field between these two could cause me to physically melt into a puddle.

🥹 I Love Their Love 🥹

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