Try out these creative hacks for slicing and dicing veggies

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Who says cutting fruit and veggies can’t be fun? These creative fruit and veggie cutting hacks will not only save you time, but they’ll also make food prep more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a less unpleasant way to cut an onion or a more exciting way to cut your favorite fruit, these hacks are sure to blow you away!


Fruit and Veggie Cutting Hack 1: Make Bell Pepper Dipping Boats

These pepper dipping boats are as adorable as they are delicious. To make them, simply cut the top off of a bell pepper, cut out the middle, and tap the pepper to remove the seeds. Then, fill the bell pepper with the salad dressing or dipping sauce of your choice. Place the bell pepper at the center of your veggie arrangement for easy dipping access.

Fruit and Veggie Cutting Hack 2: Cut Watermelon Using Dental Floss

The best tool for cutting a watermelon isn’t in your kitchen—it’s in your medicine cabinet! Start by cutting a watermelon into quarters using a knife. Then, grab your dental floss. Run the floss between the watermelon rind and its flesh, then use the floss to cut out slices and serve!

Fruit and Veggie Cutting Hack 3: Slice an Onion With an Apple Corer

This onion cutting hack is guaranteed to be tear free! Simply peel an onion and cut off the ends, then use an apple corer to slice it into perfect wedges. No chopping, and no tears, needed. Your onion wedges are ready to hit the pan!

Fruit and Veggie Cutting Hack 4: Juice a Lemon Without Dealing With Seeds

Say goodbye to messy seeds with this lemon-squeezing hack! First, roll the lemon on a table or cutting board to release the juices. Then, poke a hole in the center of the lemon with a toothpick. Your lemon is now ready to squeeze! The hole will be big enough to let the juice out, while keeping messy seeds inside the rind.

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