TV tonight: Our highlights for Sunday, September 3

 Lorna Brady (Ruth Wilson) in The Woman in the Wall
Lorna Brady (Ruth Wilson) in The Woman in the Wall

On TV tonight, gripping BBC drama The Woman In The Wall continues, Amazing Hotels takes us to Sri Lanka, and legends Mortimer & Whitehouse are back for more fishing trips. Here's what you shouldn't miss on TV Tonight.

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What's on TV tonight

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight...

Best TV shows on TV tonight

The Woman In The Wall, 9 pm, BBC One

Get ready for curveballs galore as the classy thriller continues, and traumatised Lorna (Ruth Wilson) finds her troubles worsening… Haunted by ex-nun Aoife, who she believes she has killed, Lorna is increasingly desperate to learn what Aoife knew about Lorna’s baby, but some shocking information comes to light and the arrival of Aoife’s daughter Olivia brings fresh turmoil.

Meanwhile, dogged detective Colman (Daryl McCormack) is hell-bent on proving that Lorna burnt murdered priest Father Percy’s car and that she is holding something back about Aoife’s disappearance. But a lead from Aoife’s husband Dara (Ardal O’Hanlon)and another startling discovery turn the case on its head…

★★★★ CC

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, 8 pm, BBC Two

Monica Galetti and Rob Rinder on the beach at Joali Maldives.
Monica Galetti and Rob Rinder on the beach at Joali Maldives.

Monica Galetti has said that tonight’s visit to the Ceylon Tea Trails resort in Sri Lanka is a ‘personal highlight’. And you can see why as, along with Rob Rinder, she embarks on a moving journey of discovery. When they first arrive at the holiday destination comprising five British tea planters’ bungalows renovated in period style, Rob and Monica are concerned the complex colonial history of the estate will make for an uncomfortable stay.

What they uncover is a unique blend of Sri Lankan history and hospitality that, to paraphrase hotel owner Malik Fernando, neither denies nor conceals the past.

★★★★★ ER

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva España!, 9 pm, ITV1

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva España! is coming to ITV1 in autumn 2023.
Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva España! is coming to ITV1 in autumn 2023.

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix (the self-confessed ‘taste buddies’) are back in their camper van and out on the road again in this two-part Spanish travelogue. In tonight’s opener, they’re in Andalusia, where Gordon’s driving gives Fred and Gino a white-knuckle ride, but there’s fun to be had, too, as the trio serve seafood in Málaga’s busiest beachfront restaurant and treat us to an impromptu flamenco display (much to Gordon’s horror).

In tomorrow's concluding episode, they’re heading to Galicia to forage for shellfish and visit a vineyard where ‘heroic wine’ is produced. This is reportedly their final adventure together for the foreseeable future, so enjoy while you can!

★★★★ SP

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, 9 pm, BBC Two

Paul and Bob discuss music by the River Thames
Paul and Bob discuss music by the River Thames

As the amiable angling travelogue returns, comedians and friends Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse head for Rivers Irfon and Wye to fish for chub and lark about. Bob is once again responsible for accommodation and sustenance, including a not entirely successful breakfast of poached eggs made in a microwave oven, while Paul provides the angling expertise.

Besides the banter and riverbank action, there’s an amusing birthday celebration for Ted the dog and an interesting chat with David Lyons, whose Tackling Minds organisation uses fishing as a way to help people improve their mental health. As ever, it’s an eye-catching, delightful and entertaining watch.

★★★★ IM

Best box set on TV tonight

Who is Erin Carter?Netflix

An episodic still from Who Is Erin Carter? showing Erin (Evin Ahmad) standing on a rooftop, holding her hands up while a man behind her is pointing a gun at her
An episodic still from Who Is Erin Carter? showing Erin (Evin Ahmad) standing on a rooftop, holding her hands up while a man behind her is pointing a gun at her

Who Is Erin Carter? is an excellent question – and you’ll want to stick with this action-packed thriller to find out the answer! Erin (Evin Ahmad) is a Brit abroad, working as a teacher in Barcelona. But after Erin and her daughter Harper (Indica Watson) get caught up in a robbery in the supermarket and Erin expertly disarms one of the robbers with just the groceries she can lay her hands on, it’s clear she’s more than just a teacher.

As word of her heroism spreads, people start asking awkward questions – and Erin gets deeper into trouble. The star-spangled cast also includes Douglas Henshall, Denise Gough, Susannah Fielding and Jamie Bamber.

★★★★★ SP

Best film on TV tonight

Judy, 10 pm, BBC Two

TV tonight Renée Zellweger does Garland
TV tonight Renée Zellweger does Garland

Concentrating on her five-week turn at London’s Talk of the Town in 1968, a few months before she died, aged just 47, this 2019 biopic of Judy Garland rises and falls on its central performance. Fortunately, Renée Zellweger is more than up to the task – she won an Oscar and BAFTA for her portrayal – positively inhabiting the role of the troubled star. It’s a truly remarkable turn, as we witness Garland’s struggles, plagued by alcohol and drug dependency, but she is determined for the show to go on.

★★★★ NP

Live Sport

  • Premier League: Arsenal v Manchester United (Kick-off 4:30 pm), Sky Sports Main Event

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