Tweeted Movie still masquerades as Hurricane Sandy

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

A picture being tweeted of Hurricane Sandy in New York has been revealed as a hoax – after it emerged it was actually from the film 'The Day After Tomorrow'.

The still, which shows the Statue of Liberty engulfed by 50ft waves, caused panic as it circulated through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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The picture also features an NY1 logo, Time Warner's New York cable news channel, which gave the shot added authenticity.

Many people re-posted the picture believing it to be actual news footage rather than a clip from Roland Emmerich's 2004 blockbuster.

In the film, a freak sequence of accelerated global warming causes catastrophic changes in weather, leading New York to be consumed by floods and then by an arctic winter – with added wolves.

But rather than 50ft waves, 11ft surges were predicted for the eastern seaboard.