Twitter slams 'defence expert' for brazen hypocrisy

The former Indian Army Officer and defence expert Ajai Shukla is being roundly trolled on social media after a video montage of him went viral recently. The two clips put together show Shukla expressing his views on the India-China border during the UPA days and again more recently after the Ladakh face-off. 

Ajai Shukla

In the first clip, from the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) tenure, Shukla is heard saying that the border between India and China is not defined, so it is incorrect to say that China intrudes into the Indian territory. He also says that the border has been undefined from the last 50-odd years and that the dispute will eventually be settled.

After the bloody Ladakh episode Shukla’s volte-face is astounding. The second clip shows him claiming that the Narendra Modi government was caught napping as the Chinese troops intruded into the Indian territory.Many Netizens online have been accusing him of bias and raising questions over his competence and links to the Congress.