Twitter Users Can’t Stop Cracking Jokes About Ron DeSantis’ Unhinged Laugh

The continuing struggle of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to seem, well, human was the subject of much Twitter mockery on Tuesday, most of it centered around his maniacal laugh.

When DeSantis was in Iowa this past weekend to raise interest in a potential run for president, a photo of him heartily laughing at a comment made by an Iowa voter went viral.

The photo attracted its share of social media snark.

The photo went viral as it seemed to lend weight to a series of news stories suggesting DeSantis is having trouble engaging with voters on a human level.

For instance, The New York Times reported that the governor had to be reminded to make eye contact and shake hands during his Iowa visit.

On Tuesday, DeSantis’ unhinged laughter returned as a source of giggles for Twitter users after a video of the encounter was posted.

Based on the photo and video, one person made a solid presidential prediction.