UCF unveils 'national championship' rings, banner during spring football game

UCF presented its most audacious claim to the national championship yet on Saturday with a banner and rings declaring itself as college football’s king. (Getty)

UCF football was fantastic in 2017, posting a 13-0 record for the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision’s only undefeated season.

Since capping the season with a win over Auburn in the Peach Bowl, UCF has been on a persistent campaign to declare itself college football’s national champions after watching a one-loss Alabama team win a College Football Playoff that it wasn’t invited to.

That effort has included a championship parade, a championship police car (whatever that is) and even championship bonuses for its coaches.

The Knights unveiled their most audacious claim as college football’s king alongside Saturday’s spring game, hanging a national championship banner at Spectrum Stadium to the approval of fans and players in attendance.

Of course, with a banner must come rings.

There is nothing subtle about the message of the rings. While the sides of the rings commemorate their Peach Bowl and AAC championships, the faces of the rings are adorned with the words “National” and “Champions” in big bold letters.

While it’s easy to get annoyed with the Knights’ campaign at this point, it’s also hard not to respect their commitment and their frustration with being left out of consideration for college football’s actual national championship competition.

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