Uggie stars in Peta ad for adoption

Uggie the dog has posed for a new advert for animal rights group Peta, encouraging people to adopt pets, not buy them.

The canine star of Oscar-winning film The Artist had two different owners, who both found the Jack Russell terrier's energy too much to cope with. He was going to be sent to an animal shelter when dog trainer Omar Von Muller adopted him and made him the star he is today.

Uggie has posed for the new Peta ad, with the caption: "I'm Uggie, and I was adopted. Millions of dogs are waiting in animal shelters for a loving home. Adopt, don't buy."

Mimi Bekhechi, manager for People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals UK said: "Animal shelters are full to the brim with dogs and cats who are waiting for the opportunity to become the star of a loving family. Peta encourages everyone who is considering bringing a canine companion into their lives to save a life by adopting from an animal shelter - and never patronising breeders or pet shops."

Uggie follows a long line of celebrities who have posed for Peta campaigns, including Justin Bieber, Kellan Lutz, Audrina Patridge, Eva Mendes and Pamela Anderson, who famously stripped naked for the organisation.

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