UK fans make live-action Princess Mononoke

Kickstarter project aims to produce a follow-up set 600 years after the original

Here's some interesting news for fans of Studio Ghibli -- specifically 'Princess Mononoke' -- and what's more, it seems to be one of those heartfelt fan projects that literally anyone can get involved with and pledge money towards its completion.

Inspired by

A group of UK-based filmmakers and Ghibli enthusiasts have taken on the difficult challenge of creating a live-action version of the acclaimed anime film 'Princess Mononoke'. However, professing this to be a straightforward recreation of the film is perhaps misinforming. Project leader Nate Drake and his team aim to capture the essence of the film, but in a live-action inspired movie set 600 years after the 1997 one.

The official synopsis states: Imagine the world, 600 hundred years after the events of Princess Mononoke: The forests have regrown and cities have been rebuilt but the new balance between them is trembling… What if the forest needed a Princess once again?

The crew claim this it'll be a ' modern-day Mononoke-inspired adventure' with a logline of: A teenager struggling to find her place in the city, seeks refuge in a magical forest where giant wolves once ruled. When she discovers that humans are cutting down the trees, she unites with the wolves to defend her new home, before it all burns.

They've taken the time to craft a poster, which boasts a simple yet effective design. It's certainly shaping up to be a film that, as a massive 'Princess Mononoke' fan, I'd love to see happen.


As with a lot of indie productions nowadays, the London-based project has turned to Kickstarter, where they've set a target of reaching £29,000 and have so far amassed 154 pledges. Currently on just shy of £11,000 and with 49 hours to go, the Kickstarter project that has been running for most of September says it will only go ahead if the target is met. It's looking increasingly unlikely that it'll now hit that high amount, but the package the team have put together is a slick and professional looking one.

The trailer

There's even a trailer that they've created to whet audiences' appetites and currently has over a quarter of a million views. It's therefore clear that the interest from the public is certainly there.

The trailer is well made and has some clear talent behind its direction and editing. They've even included some Kodama in there (spirits from Japanese folklore that appear in the original film), and it all shapes up as an impressive teaser.

The driving force here is clearly the passion and love for anime and indeed for the Ghibli film itself. It's great hearing about (and in this case seeing) the lengths fans will go to for their beloved films. Whether the project extends its Kickstarter and eventually goes ahead with the film is anyone's guess, but it's something that, on a personal note, would love to see.

Would a live-action 'Princess Mononoke'-inspired film be something you'd be interested to see?

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