UK PM Sunak compares Putin to HAMAS

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak

‘Hatred and fear’ motivated Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and HAMAS terrorists to brutally invade their neighbors, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told the House of Commons on Oct. 23.

“The 7 October [HAMAS] attack was driven by hatred, but it was also driven by Hamas’s fear that a new equilibrium might be emerging in the middle east, one that would leave old divisions behind and offer hope of a better, more secure, more prosperous way forward,” said Sunak.

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“It is the same motivation that drives Putin’s war in Ukraine—the fear of Ukraine’s emergence as a modem, thriving democracy, and the desire to pull it back into some imperialist fantasy of the past.”

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The PM added that both HAMAS and Putin “are failing” in their goals. He said that it is now necessary to preserve the “vision of a better future,” which the UK aims to do along with its allies.

On Oct. 20, U.S. President Joe Biden condemned HAMAS and compared the terrorist organization’s actions to those of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

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