UK weather forecast: 'Tornado activity' hits parts of UK as temperatures set to plummet over weekend

Bronwen Weatherby

"Tornadic activity" was reported in parts of the UK on Friday as temperatures across the country are set to plummet over the weekend.

Heavy rain and strong winds battered several coastal villages in Hampshire, causing damage to homes, fences and walls.

The noise from the extreme weather front is reported to have woken residents from their slumber overnight in Barton-onSea and Ashley.

People posted images on social media of the trail of destruction left behind after the strong winds, including torn down fences and damaged roofs.

While some forecasters said radar images supported the tornado claims, the Met Office said it was yet to confirm the weather phenomenon.

Met Office spokesman Marco Petagna said: "Until we get photo evidence of a funnel cloud or tornado we are unable to confirm the reports.

"But, the radars show some very heavy showers around 4am in Hampshire which can lead to tornados forming."

"And it has been a very showery day so far," he added.

Over the weekend the weather will become much calmer, with conditions likely to be dry and sunny.

However, because of the high pressure expected over the coming days, temperatures will dip considerably due to the lack of clouds in the sky.

"It's going to be a much quieter weekend, with the high pressure looking to be unusually intense, highest in the south west of England," Mr Petagna added.

"The all-time record for highest pressure in the UK was 1053.6 millibars in 1902 and we are expecting the pressure to reach 1050 millibars this weekend.

"So, we could experience the highest pressure in at least 20 years."

"What that means is that there will be a lot of dry weather with a lot of sun around but, it will be chilly. People should expect fog and frost overnight," Mr Petagna added.

The settled weather will remain in the south well into next week.

Although it will be dry, there will be more cloud about come Monday, so it will be less sunny and slightly warmer.

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