Ukraine Supreme Court head arrested for 'bribery'

STORY: Ukrainian prosecutors say they've arrested the head of the country's Supreme Court over an alleged bribery case, a day after releasing these photos that appear to show stacks of American hundred-dollar bills lined up on a couch, found during an investigation involving its justices.

This was the National Anti-corruption Bureau press conference on Tuesday. Its director did not name the person arrested, only that it was the head of the court and that they were suspected of taking a bribe worth $2.7 million and the highest profile discovery in the agency's history.

The current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Vsevolod Kniaziev, who could not immediately be reached for comment, although the Supreme Court says it's fully cooperating with the investigation and has initiated a process for expressing no confidence in Kniaziev.

On Monday the anti-corruption bureau said it was investigating what it called "large-scale corruption" at the court.

The bribe is said to have been payment for ruling in favor of the Finance and Credit financial group, and that it might be part of a broader plot to pressure the court. The financial group's owner, a prominent businessman Konstiantyn Zhevago, has denied wrongdoing.

Ukraine has historically had issues with corruption and has redoubled efforts to clamp down on it despite the war with Russia. Anti-corruption efforts are also central to its bid to join the European Union.