Ulrika Jonsson gives daughter book about 'female sexual fantasies' for her 16th

Julia Hunt
Ulrika Jonsson attends the World Premiere of 'One Direction: This Is Us' in 2013 in London, England. (Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Ulrika Jonsson apparently gave her daughter a book about female sexual fantasies for her 16th birthday.

The TV star’s daughter Martha turned 16 this week and Jonsson posted a lengthy tribute on Instagram, recalling her birth, childhood tantrums and feet-stamping and saying her spirit “eclipsed all else”.

She ended the note by referring to books which were presumably among Martha’s birthday presents, writing: “Mummy hopes you enjoy your books about feminism and female sexual fantasies.”

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“Yes, you read right,” added the presenter.

Sharing a series of pictures of herself and Martha to mark her daughter’s big day, Jonsson said her daughter was “a Gemini to end all Geminis”.

“Came screaming out of the sunroof because she had stubbornly rejected the cephalic position in preparation for labour and I should have known then she would always do things her own way,” she said.

“I desperately wanted a third child after the previous one was a bit broken. But her arrival would have been easier if I hadn’t fallen and broken my ankle 4 weeks before and was forced to stumble around with a plastered leg; sizeable belly; crutches and ridiculously sized breasts.”

Jonsson said at 16, Martha had “grown into our very own social justice warrior - strong on feminism, racism, gay rights and environmentalism”.

“She is militant in her approach and relentless in her response,” she said.

“She’s empathetic and cares for others and cannot bear injustices.

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“She is confident but shows humility and has the best resting b****face in the business. She’s an education; a whirlwind and a passionate sensitivity.

“We salute you, Moo.(Mummy hopes you enjoy your books about feminism and female sexual fantasies. Yes, you read right).”

Jonsson, 52, has been married three times and has four children – daughters Martha, 16, and Bo, 20, and sons Cameron, 25, and Malcolm, 11.