Ulrika Jonsson felt 'repulsive' due to lack of intimacy in third marriage

Ulrika Jonsson has revealed that the lack of intimacy in her 11-year marriage to ex Brian Monet had a “detrimental effect” on her.

The mother-of-four announced her divorce to third husband Monet in April this year, later saying the pair had been physically intimate with each other just once in eight years.

"It had a really detrimental effect on me," the 52-year-old told Metro. "I started disliking myself; my body; I felt repulsive and started shutting myself off physically and psychologically. I became quite insecure about myself.

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"I think intimacy is crucial. We all know that as relationships mature, sex is no longer the swinging from the chandeliers stuff and I’ve always found that 'settled stage' quite reassuring.

"But there has to be some intimacy in a relationship in order to sustain it. Unless it’s by prior agreement or someone is not well enough, obviously."

Ulrika Jonsson and Brian Monet attend the fifth anniversary performance of War Horse at The New London Theatre, Drury Lane in 2012. (Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

Jonsson's comments come after she recently joined a dating app for those aged 50 and over.

Earlier in the year, the former Gladiators host appeared on Celebrity First Dates Hotel.

Ulrika Jonsson attends the Best Heroes Awards 2019 at The Bloomsbury Hotel. (Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The presenter got on famously with her date, Paul Rooker, and although romance may not have been on the cards in the long run, Jonsson recently told The Sun that they were still in touch.

Jonsson was first married to John Turnbull between 1990 and 1995, and shares one son, Cameron, with him.

Her second child, a daughter named Bo, was fathered by Marcus Kempen.

She shares another daughter, Martha, with Lance Gerrard-Wright, her husband between 2003 and 2005. Jonsson also has a son, Malcolm, with Monet.