Unearthed Star Wars concept art shows detail that could have made Anakin's fall to the dark side even more sinister

 Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.
Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.

Unearthed Star Wars concept art reveals a seriously cool Anakin Skywalker detail that never made it to canon – and it could've made his fall to the dark side all the more sinister.

The concept art is for Revenge of the Sith, and shows Anakin donning an imposing cape much like the one he sports as Darth Vader. If you look closely, you'll spot that the fastening of the cloak bears close resemblance to Count Dooku's cape, prompting a discussion over Anakin potentially taking the item as a trophy after killing Dooku at the start of the movie.

"It looks really badass, but I'm not sure the Jedi would be cool with Anakin taking a trophy from a slain enemy like that," thinks one fan.

"I like the cloak, not the fact that it was Dooku's. I can see it being part of Anakin's political appointee status in the Council in a 'He is a member of the council, but also involved in politics' way signalled through his clothing," is another person's take.

"I agree, it's a cool concept. But the other Jedi, as oblivious as they seem to have been to the dark side and Sidious in general, would have probably given him a lot of side eye for taking a trophy like this," is this fan's verdict. "I think even Obi-Wan and Ahsoka probably would have been a bit creeped out."

"It's a bit too much on the nose. Plus the Jedi probably wouldn't let him keep/wear it, or if they did they would be instantly suspicious of him and would side line him from any important tasks, such as spying on Palpatine," points out someone else.

Anakin wears a lot of black in the prequels, foreshadowing his eventual fall, but the addition of Dooku's cape could've made that journey all the creepier – especially since Anakin was goaded into killing the Sith by Darth Sidious himself.

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