Unfriended Trailer Brings Horror Online

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We think it’s safe to say the video above pretty much encompasses everything you don’t want to see when you log in for a casual online chat.

Universal, Blumhouse Pictures and producer Timur Bekmambetov (also the director of ‘Nightwatch,’ ‘Wanted’ and ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’) bring us what looks to be a genuinely new take on the found footage horror movie with ‘Unfriended’ - and after this trailer, it’s just sky-rocketed onto our must-see horror list for 2015.

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Directed by Levan Gabriadze (who previously collaborated with Bekmambetov on ‘Lucky Trouble,’ a rather more light-hearted looking Russian rom-com starring Milla Jovovich), ‘Unfriended’ joins a bunch of teenagers on the anniversary of a local tragedy - and an unknown party is out for revenge at its bloodiest.

So far, so ‘Prom Night’/’Terror Train’/’I Know What You Did Last Summer’/’Sorority Row’ etc - but the big twist this time is that reportedly all events are seen in real time from the perspective of a single computer screen during a video conference call.  

As the unknown killer seeks vengeance for a classmate who killed herself after a humiliating video was posted online prompting a tidal wave of abuse, ‘Unfriended’ promises to tap into prevalent contemporary concerns about cyber-bullying.

Beyond this, though, ‘Unfriended’ looks like it just might be a real breath of fresh air for the found footage horror subgenre, which has long since grown a bit stale what with five ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies, two ‘Last Exorcism’s and more besides.

As for just who or what is out to get the teens - the mention of ‘possession’ in the poster above (not to mention the original title ‘Cybernatural’) might give us some hints there…

'Unfriended' hits UK cinemas on 1 May 2015.

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Picture Credit: Universal

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