The This Is Us Cast Shared Sweet Support After Sterling K Brown’s Nomination, But His Son Was Unimpressed: ‘Until You Get An Oscar, Just Keep It Down A Little Bit’

 Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson.
Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson.

The 2024 Oscar nominations were announced this week and, while there were some notable snubs, there were also some extremely exciting developments. One is the fact that Sterling K. Brown received his first Academy Awards nod for his work in American Fiction. The star is more than deserving of the honor, which has honestly been a long time coming for him. Unsurprisingly, fans are incredibly excited and happy for him, and his former collaborators from This is Us are as well. A few of them sent some love but, amid that, we've learned that one of his kids hasn’t been all that impressed by certain aspects of his awards season run.

Like so many of his fellow nominees, the 47-year-old actor shared a reaction to his Oscar nomination. He shared a video to his Instagram, in which he recounted just how he discovered the news. That morning, as he was preparing to take his children to school, he realized that he had around 126 messages on his cell. The slew of texts are what ultimately alerted him to the fact that he was among the Academy’s honorees for Best Supporting Actor. From there, the A-lister discussed a funny anecdote involving his son and explained how it connects to his most recent accomplishment:

When I got nominated for the SAG Award most recently, I come up to my son and show him everyone who got nominated for the SAG Awards, and he goes, ‘Is this an Oscar?’ I said, ‘No, it’s a SAG Award.’ He’s like, ‘Well, why you coming to me with the SAG Awards?’ I’m like, ‘Bro, don’t disrespect SAG Awards.’ He’s like, ‘Until you get an Oscar, just keep it down a little bit.’ So then I was showing him who got nominated this morning. And you could see his little 12-year-old mind trying to come up with a way to bring your boy down. And then all he said was just ‘Congratulations.’ [Laughs]

The people closest to us can definitely be our sharpest critics, in the funniest ways. A part of me kind of loves the fact that Sterling K. Brown – a three-time Primetime Emmy winner – still gets his chops busted by his son. (Maybe if Brown lands that Green Lantern role, his son will be impressed.) Based on the video the actor shared though, he finds the feedback delightful. You can check out his post, which also includes sentiments of gratitude over his momentous achievement:

A slew of celebrities reached out to the Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. star and, while all of the messages are sweet, the ones from the This is Us cast and crew are particularly sweet. Mandy Moore, Susan Kelechi Watson and Chrissy Metz reacted in the comments of the post, while series creator Dan Fogelman responded on X. Check out their sentiments below:

  • No one more deserving SKB. - Mandy Moore

  • Yes SKKKK!!! I'm one of those 120 [messages] lol - Susan Kelechi Watson

  • C’mon!!!!!🎉❤️🙏🎉❤️🙏 - Chrissy Metz

  • Proof that I knew him when, and that I could always make him pretend laugh.  Congrats @SterlingKBrown on your OSCAR NOMINATION!  Wow! - Dan Fogelman

The TiU cast and crew have always seemed close, and those bonds don’t seem to have waned since the acclaimed family drama series finished its six-season run on NBC in 2022. They seem to have no problem sharing in joy, as is the case with this moment and sharing in sorrow as was the case when they paid tribute to Ron Cephas Jones after his passing months ago. All in all, it’s just lovely to see them show support to one of their own during this major moment.

Sterling K. Brown has received much praise for his performance as Cliff Ellison in American Fiction. In addition to the Oscar and SAG nominations, he also received a Critics’ Choice Awards nod for Best Supporting Actor. The star continues to solidify himself as a bonafide force in the realm of cinema, though his TV days aren’t behind him. Brown is reuniting with Dan Fogelman for a new thriller on Hulu, and the actor seems excited to be working on a show that’ll see him play a character far different from Randall Pearson. I’d like to think that Brown and Fogelman’s former colleagues will lend support amid that endeavor as well. Though he’ll have to wait and see whether the Brown’s son gives his seal of approval or playfully throws a bit of a shade.

As American Fiction continues to play in theaters, all six seasons of This is Us are streaming with a Netflix subscription. Those who are Hulu subscribers will also want to keep their eyes locked on the 2024 TV schedule so they’ll be aware of when Sterling K. Brown’s new show premieres.