A US CPG Market Client Successfully Realized Huge Savings and Increased Sales Substantially | Infiniti’s Success with Market Segmentation Analysis

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With growing modernity, changing consumer needs and preferences, and evolving markets worldwide, the CPG industry has been forced into change over recent years. Additionally, the rising demand for omnichannel offerings, improved marketing initiatives, and an upsurge in competition from major players and small businesses, CPG companies need to provide unique offerings. How can CPG companies address these obstacles and continue to engage their customers? Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis enables companies to understand their consumers, create targeted marketing initiatives, and develop personalized products. To stay ahead of the curve, personalization and efficient targeting is the best way forward. Our market segmentation experts have helped CPG industry leaders across the world achieve this understanding with their consumers.

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Market Segmentation Analysis for a US CPG Market Client: Our Approach (Graphic: Business Wire)

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"Modern customers value businesses that identify their individual needs and meet their expectations. As such, CPG companies will need to restructure their business models and adopt a more personalized strategy," says a CPG market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a CPG company based out of the United States, could not differentiate its brand and offerings from competitors and struggled to implement targeted marketing initiatives for the right customers successfully. Consequently, the US CPG company suffered substantial losses and had a limited marketing and advertising budget. Therefore, the client chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering market segmentation analysis to segment their customers and develop personalized offerings. During the six-week engagement, the US CPG market client also aimed to devise personalized product development and marketing approaches, increase their customer acquisition rate with a stronger and targeted marketing campaign, and develop strategies to evaluate and meet their rising needs.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s market segmentation experts developed a comprehensive approach to assist the US CPG market client, which included the following:

  • Understanding consumers’ changing needs and preferences and categorizing customers with similar demands together, with a customer needs assessment

  • Using a customer satisfaction analysis to understand the satisfaction levels of consumers regarding the client’s products and offerings and evaluating the reasons for customer attrition

  • Developing a robust, targeted marketing initiative for the promotion of their brand and products with a marketing strategy engagement

Business Outcome:

With comprehensive insights gained from Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis, the US CPG market client successfully segmented their target customers according to various factors, including buying behavior and spending patterns. Consequently, the client improved their marketing, product development, and customer service processes and developed more personalized initiatives as per the different groups. Further, the customer segmentation analysis enabled the CPG company to remodel their business strategies and meet rising demands by tracking customer activities. Additionally, the US CPG market client provided dissatisfied customers with improved services and identified competitive and ideal prices to target new customers and increase their profit margins. By streamlining their marketing initiatives, the client successfully achieved huge savings on their marketing budget. Lastly, within one year, the US CPG market client increased sales by 33% by leveraging our market segmentation analysis.

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