US judge approves Rust producers’ settlement with family of Halyna Hutchins

A US judge has approved a settlement agreement for the family of Halyna Hutchins, following the Rust cinematographer’s death.

Lawyers representing Ms Hutchins’ husband Matthew and their son Andros sued actor Alec Baldwin and the film’s producers for wrongful death in February 2022.

Ms Hutchins was killed on the set of the movie in October 2021 after a prop gun Baldwin was holding was discharged.

In October 2022 an undisclosed settlement was agreed between actor Alec Baldwin and the production company and her estate.

On Thursday, judge Bryan Biedscheid approved the settlement agreement, which was structured in part to compensate Andros, who is a minor.

The stipulated order said Andros would receive “periodic payments” which will be distributed to him when he reaches the ages of 18 and 22.

“The settlement … is fair, appropriate, and in the best interests of Andros Hutchins, a minor, protected person,” the order stated.

As part of the settlement agreement, Matthew Hutchins became an executive producer on the western film, which later resumed production in the US state of Montana.

Criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter brought against Baldwin were formally dismissed by New Mexico prosecutors in April.